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Those of you still listening to Kelly and I blabber away about all things Ender’s Game can now listen to Episode 7 titled The Enemy’s Gate. Our topics for the episode include:

  • Poster breakdown
  • Gavin Hood interview
  • Bob Orci’s trailer tweet
  • Trailer release rumor
  • CinemaCon 2013

To listen to the episode, head over to EnderCast.


  1. Paul Nimmo says:

    Just listening to your pod cast, and several of your comments, just a thought here there’s one time when allot of the other armys or members of their squads are in the battleroom together and that’s when he’s running training sessions and sussing out his own tactics, hence him watching at the door, although I thought that ended when he became commander of Dragon. I like the idead of the all the corridors leading to the gate, and it being hidden by Ender, who’s standing in the gate. The black area below enders helmet, is purely shadow, I get the feeling the suit was not sealed as their was oxygen in the room so the helmet was for protection only, rather than like we’d imagine a space suit. If you look out side the globe, you can see a ring seperated from it and in the same respect incapuslating it rather like you’d see on a gyroscope. I would imagine the helmets will also have an head ups display to show tactical readouts scores etc, hence the screen on the front. I do agree that the apparent laser (blue lights) coming from the guns is for the poster only however, i would not be surprised if there was a form of it in the film, otherwise close misses would be had to illustrate to a film goer. Poster looks cool though

    • I imagined the lasers as red too, I guess because they’re typically red and not blue. That would make sense that the BR has air too because doesn’t Ender rip his helmet off right inside the gate? There’s no actual door, so it must be fully ventilated.

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