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Actor Jimmy Jax Pinchak is running a contest for Valentine’s Day next week, looking for a special “Valentine” that will receive a valentine and a box of chocolates.

To enter, simply comment on this post or on the EnderWiggin.net Facebook page saying why you feel even a character like Peter is worthy of love. You can also comment on Jimmy’s Facebook page.

Please note that this contest is being run by Jimmy Jax Pinchak and his team, not EnderWiggin.net.


  1. Abigail says:

    Ah, Peter WIggin.
    He may be cold and calculating, and unwilling to let anyone truly understand him, but perhaps showing a character like Peter love is just the thing he needs to still his very disquiet soul. Even Peter is quite hurt at times, and thought he doesn’t show it, cares for certain people.
    Though he may never truly show love to anyone, he’s worthy of it because he needs it.

  2. jIMMY ADMIN says:

    Congratulations Amber Meadows from Franklin Indiana, Peter has found his Valentine!
    Put it on your calender…..The Jimmy Jax Band will be performing at MOLLY MALONE’S ON MARCH 8TH ….8:40 PM. OVER 21! BRING YOUR “ENDER’S GAME BOOKS” JIMMY WILL BE SIGNING THEM RIGHT AFTER HIS SET!

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