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It’s 2013 and MTV has officially started the initial voting round for their 2013 Movie Brawl. You can vote multiple times for all your favorite movies (and over and over). Ender’s Game is on their list of 40 exciting movies coming out in 2013, so be sure to go vote and help get the movie into the next round of 16.

Voting in this first round ends on January 14. After that, there will be brackets for the movies to face off and eventually one will emerge as the winner!

Just to warn folks, movies with the most dedicated fans tend to come out on top. For example, I think Cosmopolis won last year based solely on the fact that the Robert Pattison fans descended on the poll and boosted it up to win. Still, it would be fun to see Ender’s Game in the brackets! It’s currently ranked 26, so go vote here!

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