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It’s Day 2 of A Battle School Christmas at EnderWiggin.net! If you haven’t yet entered the Day 1 giveaway, you can enter to win an EnderWiggin.net pin button or magnet here.

Today’s giveaway is of a hardcover Gift Edition of Ender’s Game. If your copy is getting a bit dog-eared and you want to have a nice copy for display on your bookshelf, make sure you enter.

To enter, comment on this post and tell me who your favorite character in Ender’s Game is, not counting Ender himself, and why. If you haven’t read the book yet, tell me why you think the book sounds interesting! After you comment, use the Rafflecopter widget to log in your entry. Be sure to use the same name and email address for verification. After that, you can enter with the optional entries.

This giveaway is open to the USA only and will end on Saturday, December 22.

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  1. Morgan G says:

    My favourite character has always been Peter. Ender was scared of him, and I wanted to be able to instil that fear in others when I was younger. Now that I’ve grown a bit, Peter is still my favourite character, but for slightly different reasons. I have political aspirations, and Peter inspires me to try to understand people so that I can manipulate them, and inspire confidence in myself as a leader.

  2. Josh Harris says:

    My favorite character is peter because who wouldn’t like someone with a larger than ife ambition. 🙂

  3. Kylie Wofford says:

    My favorite character is Bean, because he’s the genius behind the genius.

  4. Erin says:

    I’m not sure who my favorite character will be, or why, as I still have the book on my to-read list.

  5. Amaranthine says:

    My favorite character is Ender! And Bean and Peter are close seconds. 🙂

  6. Dustin Dopps says:

    I like most the characters, but I’m partial to Graff. He has to make hard decisions, but ultimately he is shown to be wise when everything works out.

  7. Sam says:

    Jane, definitely. Such tenacity and strength of will. Could only be the combination of Ender and the Hive Queen’s will.

  8. benny says:

    peter, especially in the later books.

  9. Becky B says:

    My chiropractor handed her copy of Ender’s Game and told me that I have to read it. I don’t have a favorite character yet, but I hope to soon. The plot sound interesting but her love of the book has made it a must read.

  10. Jessica Guitard says:

    Petra! She was just as bright as any of them – she just cracked a bit under pressure!

  11. Patty says:

    Valentine. Without her, Ender could not have held on to his humanity. Ender was precariously balanced betewen her and Peter.

  12. EC Spencer says:

    For day 2 – that would have to be Bean. You just can’t help but like him. He’s the brains, but with no social graces or tact. Everyone needs a good Number 1!

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  14. Hillary Metcalfe says:

    🙁 Not from America. Oh well

  15. Barton Blackburn says:

    Bean is my favorite because he is the smartest

  16. Elaria Rain says:

    Favourite…Well, I’m currently on Xenocide and I’m really interested in Miro right now. I uh don’t exactly want to say why for spoiler fears but what happened to him but aaaugh. And how he is now…It’s interesting.

  17. Sharpie says:

    Peter Wiggin…. in a weird way, he reminds me of myself. Being the oldest and not always being as gentle as I wish to be…. and having a rather demented side, I’m rather grudgingly realizing I have a lot in common with him. So he’s my favorite, in a way.

  18. Roshane says:

    My favorite character other than Ender has to be Valentine, because she was the on supporting him, and to me she seemed very important in keeping Ender balanced in his actions,

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  20. Glacialis says:

    My favorite character has always been Bean. In Enders game, he was the character that helped Ender realize what had been done to him, in Ender’s shadow he was the character that made Ender complete

  21. Vince Phelps says:

    My favorite character was Petra, a girl who made it into Battle School, when it came to battles was epicly ruthless, and truly cared for Ender but settled for Bean later on…She knew the ins and outs of the system and was out to dominate it, and she did, she knew just how to fight and through that made Ender the commander he needed to be!

  22. Alan Momberger says:

    Day two this is the important one to me! I was 10 when I first read the book and Enders strength has always kept me going strong

  23. Alan Momberger says:

    Whoo won?!

  24. Alan Momberger says:

    I think I won a button but had my address wrong

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