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At the Ender’s Game premiere on Monday, October 28, 2013, the fansites got the chance to talk to Sir Ben Kingsley about Ender’s Game, his tattoos, and whether he’s open to sequels. He also gave us a brief message for fans.

I have to say, he’s an incredibly nice, nice man and what a difference from the time we met him on set. Last May, we were waiting in a dark Eros room which was in the process of being dismantled (which turned out to be Ender’s quarters on Eros as I found out after watching the film!) and when Sir Ben walked in that day he had this incredibly INTENSE stare that frankly terrified me.

That being said, when we met him on Monday, he was warm, friendly, and funny. It’s pretty clear to me now that we met him while he was still in Mazer Rackham mode, which just goes to show you what an amazing actor he is.

Other questions were asked by Ender News and Ender’s Ansible.

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