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Harrison Ford was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and after talking 42, failed pitches, and dodging the good ole Star Wars question, talked a bit about Ender’s Game.

Jay Leno then brought up the fact that Viola Davis revealed Harrison Ford has a dirty mind and tells lots of dirty jokes, which he tried to deny by saying she mixed him up with Ben Kingsley. After some prodding and insisting that he never told any dirty jokes around the kids, he starts to tell a really long and involved dirty joke.

Skip to the second marker for the start of his appearance and skip to the third for his Ender’s Game talk.

The clip shown was “Nothing Left At All”.

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  1. Wendy Clare says:

    I thought he was superb in “42”, and I’m glad Jay brought attention to that film, which kind of flew under the radar, but sealed in my mind how good he was going to be as Graff. This is a really fun interview! Thanks for posting it. 😀 <

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