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Ender’s Game composer Steve Jablonsky has given a brief statment about his score for the film, out November 1 2013.

“Ender’s Game is big but also very personal, which is an interesting combination for any composer. For some scenes, I’m using an 80 piece orchestra and 32 member choir, while in other scenes I am using a simple solo instrument. Ender is a very isolated character for much of the film so I felt that a solo cello would play that isolation nicely and it became an important element in the score.”

Listen to three tracks from the score on SoundCloud:

Ender’s War

Stay Down

Battle School


  1. MajorAnderson says:

    Ender’s War is still my favorite. I’ve been humming the theme all morning.

  2. Wendy Clare says:

    Stunning…the solo cello is PERFECT for Ender…so lonely and sad. Incredibly moving! 😀 <

  3. Wendy Clare says:

    Stunning! The solo cello is PERFECT for Ender–so lonely and sad. Incredibly moving.

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