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Gavin Hood spoke to HeyUGuys UK on what drew him to the project of Ender’s Game.

I am not per say, a sci fi fan, for me, I love the fact that this is a story that’s set in the future which allows us to explore ideas that the story deals with in a way that would be perhaps too uncomfortable to deal with if we explored them in the modern context. So for me it doesn’t really matter if a story is set in the future or set in ancient Greece or set on one continent or another. What matters is that the environment is a helpful, visual way of telling what is essentially a timeless universal story about characters interacting with each other. Human beings have evolved their technology, but emotionally, we haven’t evolved that much.

Source: HeyUGuysUK

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  1. Ludwig Scroggins IV says:

    I am contractually obligated to mention all headliners in every interview.

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