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As we reported earlier today, Harrison Ford was a guest on German TV show Wetten Dass …? (“Bet you that …”) Host Marcus Lanz interviewed him on Ender’s Game, and they showed some awesome, beautiful, mind-boggling new footage! Check out the clip below!


Graff: The first alien attack found us unprepared. Millions of innocents lost their lives. That can never be allowed to happen again. We fought the enemy with everything we had and in the middle of the final battle a legendary hero emerged. The courage of Mazer Rackham should be an inspiration to all of you. We need minds like yours, Ender. Young people process complex data much easier than adults.
Ender: So I’m not the first?
Mazer: No, but you will be the last.
Petra or Ender: In 3 – 2 – 1.
Graff: And you will be the best commander we ever trained.

And we finally get to see the images that go with some of the score we posted about a couple of days ago. This explains why the “Battle Room” track is so light-hearted. Look how happy Ender is!

Hope you enjoy! We’ll post a vid of the interview that goes with this clip tomorrow! — Dee

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