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The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex has debuted two brand new Ender’s Game propaganda posters for you guys to ponder over.

Today’s posters are the latest in a series of recruitment and propaganda images for the International Fleet — the film’s global government and military organization, formed to unite Earth’s citizens after a devastating alien attack nearly destroyed humanity. In the film, the International Fleet actively recruits the world’s brightest young minds and, in an orbiting Battle School, molds them to become the Fleet’s future leaders.

Much like war propaganda posters of yore, the “Ender’s Game” posters aim to vilify the enemy — in this case, an insect-like alien race known as Formics or Buggers — and to appeal to a sense of duty and honor; the new poster with the exploding spaceship features the slogan, “It’s us or them” in big, bold letters.



What do you guys think? I prefer the “It’s Us or Them” one for sure, just because it’s more action packed!


  1. MajorAnderson says:

    I like the second one better, mostly for the line of text. “Seeking leaders” sounds like a newspaper job ad, not a propaganda poster line. “It’s Us or Them”, on the other hand, is pretty heavy-handed in-your-face propaganda that only works on people who are already indoctrinated, as the people in Ender’s world are, but reveals itself to us as overly simplistic war propaganda. I wonder, though, where the IF would have gotten the footage/image for the second poster. I mean, this is the new formic ship design, right? Not the old design from the first/second invasion. But I’m nitpicking.

  2. salaamender says:

    They are both too vanilla. I like some of the fan-made ones that are more satirical, ala Paul Verhoeven and Starship Troopers.

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