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I know they’ve been long in coming, but here are the final photos from the “Ender’s Game” press conference held on 18 July 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con!

I had the amazing opportunity to sit second row, a mere ten feet from a fabulous ensemble: Writer/Director Gavin Hood, Producer Roberto Orci, Asa Butterfield (Ender Wiggin), Hailee Steinfeld (Petra Arkanian), and of course, Mr. Harrison Ford (Colonel Graff).  I’m not really sure what they talked about, since I spent most of my time trying to snap photos and take video simultaneously.  Though I’m pretty sure one of those surlier photos of Harrison came shortly after some silly reporter said the words “Han Solo”…

(These photographs are the property of Elizabeth C. Spencer and may not be utilized without permission.  If you want to share them, link to them, no problem – just please make sure to credit your source!)

written by Elizabeth Spencer


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