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While at Comic Con, producer Bob Orci and writer/director Gavin Hood sat down for yet another Ender’s Game interview, this time with FirstShowing.net’s Alex Billington. This interview focuses almost exclusively on the challenge of adapting Orson Scott Card’s complex book for the silver screen. Here are some of my favorite parts.

Bob Orci on why the time is right for an Ender’s Game movie:

[Audiences ha]ve seen everything. They are tired of the usual fare. This is a book that has a unique structure and has complicated themes. But it’s also a grand space adventure.

Gavin Hood on the different media:

The tricky thing in the adaptation of this is how do you make these characters and what’s going on in their heads real on screen when you can’t use what the author can use, which is lots of description of what he’s thinking. … [H]ow do I use different tools, the tools of cinema — lensing, long lenses. When do I go tight? When do I go wide? What kind of structure do I put into the scene? How do I put these characters against each other? To generate the same feeling in the audience that those descriptive passages generate in the book.

Check out the rest of the interview HERE.

Source: FirstShowing.net


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