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Producer Bob Orci sat down with What’s Trending at Nerd HQ during Comic Con to talk about the process of making Ender’s Game. He speaks about getting the movie produced, casting Harrison Ford (or rather being cast by him), aging up the kids, and shooting the movie in sequence so that Ender’s physical growth would match Asa’s. I also think he and the interviewer are having a speed talking contest.

Source: Youtube


  1. Ian Miller says:

    Love the Wondygal shirt. And the interview is pretty great too – it’s really great to see Orci actually knowledgeable about the book – knowing that the internet stuff is important, and not just visual flashy stuff like the desks.

    • MajorAnderson says:

      Right! Why all the world is so afraid of this being an mindless action flick is beyond me. Orci and Hood have been talking very eloquently about the book for months.

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