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Finally some information on whether or not and in what way the Mind Game will be featured in the Ender’s Game Movie. Good News: the mouse is most likely going to be there! In an interview with Cinemablend‘s Kelly West (the same interview she quoted from when writing about the question of violence in the movie; see our earlier post HERE), writer/director Gavin Hood said:

We did motion capture, put on suits, ran around the room. They filmed it in a virtual world. Once you’ve captured that motion you can film what you captured digitally and then we handed that off to an amazing animation company in Barcelona, who’ve done the most beautiful work. Obviously, we did a lot of drawings and how’s it going to be? And drawings of the mouse and all those things, but it is a shorter version than in the book, because the whole story of the book is compressed into about a one year period.

The rest of the interview evolves around the adaptation of the book, including questions about how much of the book’s violence will be shown in the film, how Ender’s narrative voice is translated into the medium of film, and what a possible sequel will depend on. Read the entire article HERE!

Source: Cinemablend

Photo Credit: Alex Washburn/Wired

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