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Yesterday, The Digital Universe (Brigham Young University’s online news outlet) published a new interview with Orson Scott Card. None of the things he says about the book and the movie are entirely new, but the interview may clear up a few matters that people have been confused about. Here are a some excerpts:

About morality in Ender’s Game:

The novel doesn’t answer those questions, anyway — rather it raises them, and if anything it shows that the best you can do is muddle through, trying to do what’s right, as far as you can figure out what that is. That’s all that human beings can ever do. Even the great ones like Lincoln and Churchill are right only some of the time. Ender Wiggin, though fictional, is no better.

About his involvement in the movie:

My work as co-producer was all done in the early stages. Once Gavin Hood took over, my help was no longer required.  […] The screenplay you see on the screen was 100 percent Gavin Hood. None of my writing was used. That was the decision that Odd Lot and Summit made; it was their money at risk, and they invested in the writer they believed in. I have no complaints.

Read the entire interview HERE.

Source: The Digital Universe



  1. Ian Miller says:

    A great interview – thanks for linking!

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