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Comic Con International has begun rolling out their schedule and today they released the schedule for Thursday. Ender’s Game is slotted for 3:50 PM in Hall H along with Summit’s YA title Divergent.

With the two films sharing a one hour slot, that doesn’t seem to leave a whole lot of time for Ender’s Game, a half an hour at most. Hopefully they pack in as much as they can!

Stars Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, and Abigail Breslin will be there along with producer Bob Orci and director Gavin Hood.


  1. MajorAnderson says:

    This is actually disappointing, plus, I don’t get it. Both are highly anticipated movies, both are right up Comic Con’s alley, and yet they get an hour together, while Dexter or Europa Report get a slot by themselves. I hadn’t even heard about the Europa Report movie until now, and it is already out. Hmm. Not really happy about this.

  2. Wendy Clare says:

    That does seem like a skimpy amount of time…I mean, at the very least, IT’S HARRISON FREAKING FORD, PEOPLE!! You’d think HE would rate more time, just from being there. Oh well…we’ll take what we can get and make the most of it. :-/ <

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