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After my failed attempt at getting you guys some free bumper stickers yesterday, I decided to just start up a full blown CafePress store for the site. You can now visit http://www.cafepress.com/endernet and browse various items featuring the EnderWiggin.net logo. (don’t worry, it’s just the logo, not the site name)

If you’ve got a dad who is 1) a big Ender’s Game fan and 2) the resident griller, then I’ve got a particular item that might be of interest to you for Father’s Day, coming up in just 10 days!


Yes, that’s an apron with a silly take on the famous Ender’s Game tagline, “The enemy’s GRILL is down”, and a flaming EnderWiggin.net logo. You can buy one from CafePress for just $22.99 plus shipping.

If you’d like a closer look at the design, here it is below:


I realize it doesn’t actually make sense, but hopefully it brings a smile to your face anyway. 😀

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