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Asa Butterfield will be working with Chloe Moretz again next year as Variety reports that the two young actors are now tied to a film called ‘The White Circus’.

“Circus” is an adventure-romance that takes place on a snowy New Year’s Eve, when a young pilot crashes his plane into a war-torn town on his first mission. There, he falls in love with a beautiful cabaret singer, befriends a talking circus bear and incites the townsfolk to liberate themselves from a despot.

The film will begin shooting in Germany in February 2014.

With schedules for both Asa and Hailee filling up, it makes an Ender’s Game fan start to worry about the stars having time for filming sequels, should there be any…

Source: Variety


  1. Wendy Clare says:

    I honestly don’t see how they can do any sequels…the rest of the Ender Saga books are far too cerebral to be filmed, imo, and the only way a Shadow series could be made is if they really flesh out Bean and Peter with *this* movie–which doesn’t seem very likely. I’ve been quite confused by the articles referring to this as a “franchise”, because these books are not like a “normal” series, a la LOTR or Hunger Games, etc. Having said all of that, I’m glad Asa’s getting steady work. He’s a talented young man, and it’s fun watching him progress in his career. 🙂 <

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