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The trailer is finally here folks! Click below to watch the first trailer for Ender’s Game, which has just made its debut on the official Ender’s Game YouTube channel. Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Jason says:

    I have to say “WOW!” There is a lot to get out of the trailer.

  2. Julius says:

    wow I cant wait look at all the awesome actors!! oh yeah boogy!!

  3. Jason says:

    All of it looked visually stunning. Many times I saw a scene I could relate it to a point in the book. In the opening scenes, the human aircraft looked like something from the not too distant future. Overall, I noticed the trailer focuses on Graff, Mazer, Anderson, and Ender. Various other characters are seen very briefly. This is a good trailer, because it shows what the story is basically about, but doesn’t betray what I think is going to be the ‘meat’ of the story, Ender’s interactions with all of the other critical characters. People familiar with the story know what that means, so I don’t want to go into more detail. 177 days and 10 hours left, I cannot wait!

  4. Jason says:

    I imagine I’m the first to comment here because everyone else is repeatedly still watching the trailer. 🙂

  5. Fran LaPlaca says:

    I’m not sure if I like it. One of the biggest parts of the story is that ENDER THINKS HE’S PLAYING A GAME. This just puts it out there-it’s a war, you’re fighting it, you have to win. Which they do tell the kids at Battle School, but throughout the book, they believe they are only TRAINING for the real battle. The end of “The Game” comes as such a shock to Ender that it nearly scars him for life. Hence the name of the book, Ender’s GAME. I only hope they bring that out in the movie. Still stoked to see it, but….

    • I think we might still see that preserved. Ender plays on the simulator, remember? He’d have to see something. We simply know already what’s going on.

      • Jason says:

        Ya, in the book, I imagined the simulator showing red/blue dots for enemy/friendly ships; not something photorealistic. But you know, the benefit of Gavin Hood’s creative license is keeping us ‘experts’ guessing. Which is pretty cool and fun.

  6. Erin Poulin says:

    Well, my husband agreed that he’ll go see it, so it must have been good. 🙂

  7. Jason says:

    You know, I’ll probably get branded for saying this, buuut, my appetite has been satiated with this trailer. I’d actually be happy to let this be the only trailer before Nov. 1. Now that I’ve seen the elements in the trailer, I feel good now that the movie is going to do justice to the book. I didn’t consciously think that at first. I know much about the story was not glimpsed in the trailer, and I’m happy to let it remain that way so that people will find the movie to be deeper than they expected. At the same time, I’m not sure holding back any more trailers makes good marketing sense. 🙂

    • We’ll probably see a whole different trailer at SDCC. Then there’s clips and stuff, but I hate watching those because then I start piecing the movie together in my head unconsciously and then it kind of starts to ruin the surprise of going to see it! And yet I can’t not watch them! Oh the dilemma!

  8. Wendy Clare says:

    It’s gorgeous, well-thought out, beautifully paced and edited. The opening shocked me, with the vids of the 1st/2nd invasion–stunning, and it immediately grabs your attention. There’s only one scene I can’t for the life of me figure out, and that’s the one at 1:31, showing Petra running on Eros with what looks like a pack or parachute or something. Can’t make heads or tails of that one. Any theories, folks? Otherwise, I love love love this trailer. 🙂

    • Jason says:


      Well her running doesn’t mean she’s doing so in an emergency. It could be ‘wait, wait, for me.’ Is it tied to the scene at 1:08? Someone wrote I think that the scene in 1:08 is the bugger planet. I wonder, could it be a desert on Earth? Relics from the 1st/2nd invasions?

      Hmmm… I just watched 1:31 again, I have another thought about what it could be… but… I’m reticent to share it, spoiler and all. 🙂

  9. Jason says:

    Something else that hasn’t been commented on, and was hoping to be asked of Hood and Orci at the hangout concerned the look of the Formic ships. I mean, I like the familiar yet ‘organic’ look of the Formic ships. I also liked how the Formic fighters clustered into long sinuewy cords. I wonder if we’ll see an actual Formic individual?

  10. Jason says:

    On 0:18, there is the shot taken through, what appears to be a pilot helmet. I’m assuming since the words are english, it is human. I noticed the words ‘seeking lock.’ Is this the view of young Mazer?

  11. Looks good, like the choice of actors.

  12. Travis says:

    Sneaking suspicion, given Hailee Steinfeld’s elevated presence in the trailer — I wonder if some of Bean’s significance in the novel has been shifted to Petra for the film. Could just be because she’s an established actress, and the trailer just wants to fill seats, but it does make me wonder.

  13. Ok people honestly how many times have you watched the trailer? I’ve seen it probably 30 times or so.

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