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Here are 31 high resolution screencaps from the Ender’s Game tease that was just released online. Be sure you subscribe to the official Ender’s Game YouTube channel!


  1. Jason says:

    Did you guys notice that parts of the battle room pictures look edited?

    1) In one of the pictures, it looks like there is a laser going across the top of the image. If you trace it to its source, there is nothing there. In another image where that laser is missing, if you zoom in, it actually looks like it was photoshop’d out.

    2) Look at the cluster of 3 stars below the ‘jumper’s left hand. If you look along the edge of the top star, it looks edited.

    3) There are a few other people discernable in the image. There are two standing in the opposite gate. If you look in the space between the four stars above the jumpers left arm, you will see a floating human figure.

    • Well, it’s obviously edited since they probably had to CG most of it, but I did think parts were obviously VFX. The Salamander soldier is the one I thought looked the most “fake” but I dunno, maybe they’re not quite done yet.

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