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It’s finally here, Launchies! Thanks to Yahoo! Movies, the first poster for the Ender’s Game movie has officially landed and boy is it a doozy!


As most of us probably guessed from the teaser image director Gavin Hood posted to Tumblr yesterday, the poster shows Ender Wiggin as he’s about to enter the Battle Room. He stands on the edge of the gate (which is down!) of the Battle Room.

His helmet is orange and you can see the Dragon Army logo on the back. What do you guys think!?

You can see stars floating around inside and a stunning view of Earth behind him, meaning that the Battle Room, unlike in my dull and drab imagination, has transparent walls and the kids battle as if they’re in space. Amazing, right?

Source: Yahoo! Movies


  1. photodenk says:

    Re: so this is presumably when he’s in Dragon Army. What do you guys think!?

    There is a dragon on the back of the helmet….

  2. Looks great cant wait to see a preview!

  3. r3t0dd says:

    Hollywood is going to turn this into a terrible piece of shit. The end.

    • You know I think that’s what we’re all thinking in the back of our minds (or in your case not so much in the back lol), but I really want to see the first footage before making a more firm judgement.

  4. I have had mixed feelings about Gavin Hood was going to direct this film because he’s relatively unproven. But looking at what he did with the Wolverine movie I think he can do a decent job (it was the best X-men movie at the time it came out). Also I think the main goal should be to expose to the masses the masterpiece that is Enders Game and not to match the awesomeness of the book. i.e. Harry Potter, Hunger games.

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