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According to Film Music Reporter, two time Academy-award winning composer James Horner has signed on to score the upcoming film adaptation Ender’s Game.

As a longtime fan of Horner’s music in truly amazing scores such as Titanic, Braveheart, and Legends of the Fall, I’m trying my best not to utterly freak out over this possibility. But since the site doesn’t quote a source, I’ve tagged it as a rumor until I can get confirmation.

Horner brings an incredible amount of experience to the film, having scored over 150 films in his career in movie music starting back in 1978.


    • Valentine says:

      That’s actually the site that I found it on, but since he gives no source and no Hollywood business entities are reporting it nor Summit confirming, it’s still a rumor.

  1. Auriette says:

    I hope this is not true. I don’t want to hear those same refrains that he’s been using since Krull (or earlier). Aliens, Star Trek III, Clear and Present Danger – all ruined because he keeps re-using the same bits!

  2. […] the last we heard of the Ender’s Game score was a rumor that James Horner would be doing the film’s score, this was never actually confirmed by Summit. When checking IMDB (which has the Ender’s Game […]

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