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This week’s image in the Ender’s Game Production blog features a photo of producer Roberto Orci holding papers and hovering over his chair with a set of headphones on.

What’s even more interesting, however, is what appears to be a piece of the set behind him. You can see what looks to be a curved doorway and the interface of a computer system behind him.

In addition to the usual photo and image, they’ve opened themselves up to questions from fans!

“I need you to be clever, Bean.  I need you to think of solutions to
problems we haven’t seen yet.”

In Dragon Army, Ender encourages input.  So do we.  That’s why we’re
opening this blog up to you, the readers.

Ask us a question about ENDER’S GAME — something you’ve been dying to know.  We’ll select our favorites (or as many as we can) from the comments section and start answering them.

To submit a question to the makers of Ender’s Game, head on over to the Ender’s Game Production blog.


  1. Hans says:

    Are you going to stay true to the book, are you going to focus more on Ender or Bean, and are you planning to make any sequels?

  2. G-Max says:

    Are you going to rape the book just like you raped Transformers? Will the movie focus on Ender’s girl troubles (Petra Arkanian to be played by Rosie Huntington-Whitely) while good guys and bad guys scramble for possession of some MacGuffin, which will share a name and absolutely nothing else with the MD Device from the book, culminating in a final action scene that goes on roughly a half-hour longer than it should?

  3. Schneidder says:

    Hi, glad to see that this movie is being made. Props!

    I was wondering how you guys are going to deal with the more “graphic” scenes in this movie?

    To be a little more specific. Ender’s fight with Stilson, Ender’s (naked) fight with Bonzo, and Ender’s fight with the “Giant” in the computer game.

    Will these scenes be left out due to their graphic nature? Or have you guys worked out a way to portray this in a way that wont “disturb” the faint of heart?

  4. Roger says:

    I was shocked to see this cast for bean. I suppose you know how to best deliver a performance closest to the book. I have to say that the “bad boy” look with spiked hair for bean is a mistake. Yes he came from the brink of death in Rotterdam with gangs, but he was always above it. Capable of playing the part of dumb gangster if needed, but not outwardly advertising any set social clique. I always saw his character as too intelligent to be portrayed this way.

    All I will say is that expectations are very very high. All the fans expect this kid to look brilliant, and almost predatory. I am glad to see this movie made, but I am more protective of Orson Scott Cards Book and it’s accuracy.

  5. Hyperbog says:

    Are the side stories about his brother and sister going to be explored in the movie? There was a bit of the politics and the writings they were doing back on earth that I think added to the story. Also, to point out the above statement about the virtual game he plays, will the planet at the end be shown with all the things he accomplished in the game, and will the ending be left open for speaker of the dead?

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