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Utility Deck

The Ender’s Game production blog posted a new image today of Utility Deck G in Hall Number 0058 with the following:

If you think regular school is tough, try it in a rotating space station.  And by the way, do you have a hall pass for hall number 0058?  Because if you don’t, you could end up scrubbing the showers.  When you first arrive at Battle School, all you perceive is its utility, its functionality… that is until you enter the BATTLE ROOM, where there is no up, no down, and ZERO G’s.  Movie making can become overly reliant on digital worlds, and nothing can replace a well-built set that you can see and touch and stand in the middle of, fooling you into thinking you are really there. Enjoy this small taste of Ender’s big world. We’ll see a lot more in the weeks to come.

The really strange part? The description on this image is “BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA 3”. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a connection, but so far I can’t make anything out of it.

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