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With principal photography for Ender’s Game set to start in New Orleans in just over three weeks, we’ll be doing short profiles of all the young actors cast in the movie so far. Last week, we started off with Aramis Knight, who will be playing one of Ender’s toon leaders Bean.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at Jimmy “Jax” Pinchak, who landed the pivotal role of Ender’s sociopathic older brother Peter Wiggin. Pinchak will turn 16 during filming of Ender’s Game.

Pinchak began his career as a child actor when he was just six years old, first playing the character Jody Davis of the television series Family Affair.

Although the majority of his work has been in television, Pinchak has worked alongside some well known actors in movies such as Tom Hanks in The Polar Express (2004) and Chloe Moretz in the Swedish horror remake Let Me In (2010).

Pinchak has a deep voice, which will no doubt help a lot when he’s domineering over his two younger siblings. It’s still unclear how big of a role Peter Wiggin will be in the film, but since Peter plays such a significant role in the development of Ender’s character, he’s certainly got a lot to live up to.

Check out this clip of Pinchak from an opening sequence of NCIS:


  1. Peter Peter Pumkin says:

    Perfect Peter!!!! We love Jimmy Jax!!!!

  2. TV Girl says:

    Nice Article, but Jimmy was never background for “Providence” He did however star as Jody Davis in the WB’s remake of “Family Affair” as Jody Davis in 2002

    • Valentine says:

      Are you sure? It’s listed on his IMDB profile.

      • TV Girl says:

        Yup, Positive I was an assistant at his managers office way back when. He was never cast in “Providence” his first role was in “Family Affair” He stared as Jody Davis in the remake with Tim Curry. He was adorable.

  3. TV Girl says:

    Awesome, I just spoke with him and he love this article and has already posted it on his Facebook page.

  4. uwc says:

    I hope he’ll be better in Ender’s Game than in that clip from NCIS….

  5. Ender's Gate says:

    Nice clip. He is a very natural actor. I love that he is subtle not over the top. He is going to make a great Peter. They need to change his hair color. I need Peter to have dark hair.

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