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If you are interested in joining the staff of EnderWiggin.net, please send an email using the Contact page with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Email address
  • Average daily online time
  • Experience with WordPress and/or fansites

EnderWiggin.net is currently looking for staff members in the following areas:

  • New York City, USA
  • Paris, France
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

United States

Crystal Watanabe, Editor-in-Chief

Bio: A 34 year-old wife and mother to two living in Honolulu, Hawaii, Crystal has been a fan of Ender’s Game since the sixth grade in the early 1990s. A cookbook author and blogging addict, Crystal brings 2 years of experience running large a fansite community. She is the Director of Content of the largest fan community for The Hunger Games, Mockingjay.net.

Social Media: Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram

Blogs: Pikko’s House | Fictional Food | AIBento.net | Yum-Yum Bento Box | Review Addicts

Other fansites: The Down Deep (Wool, Silo Series) | Mockingjay.net (The Hunger Games) | TheMazeRunner.net (The Maze Runner Series) | The Pale Dreamer (The Bone Season, Scion Series)

Contact: valentine @ enderwiggin.net

Elizabeth Spencer, Junior Reporter

Staff bio coming soon.

Contact: bean @ enderwiggin.net

Anthony Russo, G+ Manager

Staff bio coming soon.

Contact: graff @ enderwiggin.net

Jennifer W., Marketing Consultant

California resident Jennifer W. recently read Ender’s Game in 2012 at Crystal’s recommendation. With a degree in communications and a wealth of experience in event planning and marketing, Jennifer assists in planning marketing for EnderWiggin.net for both online and live event coverage.

United Kingdom

Joni Downs, Junior Reporter

Staff bio coming soon.

Contact: novinha @ enderwiggin.net


Diana, Junior Reporter

Bio: Diana, called Dee by most of her friends, is relatively new to Ender’s world. She read Ender’s Game for the first time in early 2012, when the movie was already in pre-production. An avid Science Fiction fan since she was 7 years old and the proud owner of an addictive personality, she was immediately hooked. When she isn’t browsing the internet for news to post, she is meeting friends to obsess with, consuming TV shows, movies and books to obsess over, crafting fan gifts for equally obsessed friends – oh, and writing a PhD thesis in American Lit.

In addition to EG, her newest obsession, her fan interests include Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune, Greek mythology, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who … to name but a few.

Contact: anderson @ enderwiggin.net


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