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Happy Friday everyone!

In the Hunger Games fandom, there’s a podcast that I guest on every week and one of the fun ideas they’ve done for both movies so far is compile a “bucket list” for fans. I loved this idea so much I made one for Ender’s Game. You can watch the video below. Be sure to subscribe to the EnderWiggin.net YouTube channel as well!

How many of these can you check off before Novender 1st?


  1. Wendy Clare says:

    These are great…I’ve already done a bunch of them (got four kids, so that’s one’s taken care of!). I’m not a tweeter, though, so those are off the table for me. You should have some sort of prize for anyone who manages to do all 50! 😀

  2. rokos says:

    love! I’ve done a bunch of things, and others don’t apply, but those are some amazing suggestions. *goes to make fanart*

  3. You should type out the full list for those of us who are WAY too lazy to do so ourselves… 😉

    LOVE the list!! Can’t wait to complete it 😀

  4. […] at EnderWiggin created an awesome video that lists 50 things to do before the Ender’s Game movie premieres […]

  5. Helen Butterfield says:

    Where can i order an Ender’s Game movie calendar??

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